SAGE Co-Broke Policy (Brokers and Agents)

The following conditions govern the co-brokerage policy of SAGE Commercial Properties & Business Brokerage, Inc. ("SAGE").

Commercial Real Estate Sales:

SAGE generally co-brokes* 50/50 with all current and active Florida real estate licensees** for commercial real estate properties. Commercial properties are defined as: multi-tenant dwellings (of more than 4 units), vacant land (agricultural or residential) greater than 10 acres, strip stores and shopping centers, outlet malls, commercial leases, office buildings, retail buildings, specialty and mixed-use commercial buildings, all industrial land, industrial buildings.

Co-broke Exceptions:
--Multi-party arrangements
--Listings that are not Exclusive Right of Sale
--Listings with unusual conditions or complex financial aspects
--Certain leasing transactions
The commission split structure for these situations will be subject to case-by-case negotiation.

Per FS 475, SAGE may pay a referral fee or share a real estate brokerage commission with a broker licensed or registered under the laws of a foreign state so long as the foreign broker does not violate any law of this state.

All commission -sharing arrangements will be governed by a 2-way signed agreement in writing between the respective managing Brokers.

*This policy statement  is not to be construed as a guarantee of a co-broking arrangement. SAGE Commercial Properties & Business Brokerage, Inc. maintains the absolute right to determine whether or not it will co-broke with any licensee on a non-business sale commercial transaction, and the structure of that arrangement.

Business Brokerage Sales:

In accordance with the respective By-Laws of the following organizations, SAGE will co-broke with all active licensee members in good standing from:
--Alliance of Florida Business Brokers (AFLBB)
--Business Brokers of Florida (BBF)

For all other licensees with whom SAGE shares a business brokerage transaction, SAGE offers to pay, upon successful closing of a sale, a referral fee equal to 25% of the total gross commission for the side (either the  listing side or the buyer side) that the other licensee first brings in to the deal. All referral fee arrangements will be governed by a 2-way signed referral agreement between the participating Brokers.

**All transactions or entities described in this policy will be defined and governed by the applicable laws of the state of Florida. All shared commissions will be paid to the respective managing brokers of record. Licensee must be the procuring cause for the transaction, and must be the initial person who contacts SAGE regarding the transaction.  (i.e. if the prospective buyer or seller contacts SAGE first, then the licensee is ineligible for a co-broke or referral fee).

The legal definition of procuring cause is "the cause that results in the attainment of a stated goal". In real estate it takes on the meaning of the real estate agent or broker who, by their actions in producing a buyer, brought about the sale of a property. Thus, if a Buyer first contacts SAGE about a listing, and then brings in another agent after-the-fact, that agent does not have "procuring cause" status.

1. SAGE is a Transactional Brokerage
2. SAGE does not engage in residential real estate listing or sales.